Due to a birth of her son, Eteri Lamoris returned to concert activity in 2010. She reduced her participation in opera performances taking on a new role of producer and concert singer for the international events and gala concerts.

Of her latest projects, worthy of mention are the gala concerts «La Scala Stars», «Pearls of Opera World», «Spanish Nights», «Winter Opera Tale», «Lamara Chkonia-80».


  • Gala concerts or recitals of world opera stars;
  • Theatrical costume opera gala show with international opera stars;
  • Chamber music concerts;
  • Original program concerts with guitar players orchestra and singers;
  • Chamber and symphonic music concerts with quartets, quintets, chamber and symphonic orchestras;
  • Mini chamber style concerts with piano, guitar, violin or vocal;
  • Classical contemporary ballet.
  • Anniversaries.